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Sound is one of the most immediate senses. That’s why it’s important to use sound in interface design in a targeted way to make the most of the psychological interactions. In addition to brand fit, we therefore always make sure to clearly name these effects and define them as cornerstones of a strategic sound design for the brand. Here are a few examples:

UBS – Functional aesthetics in UX design

Brand-specific, functional sounds (sonification) for interaction moments in digital applications within the UBS sound design/acoustic branding strategy. Here, too, the psychology of hearing was taken as a basis. The sounds were designed to reinforce positive messages and not to anchor negative messages in the brand world. For more information please klick on the picture.

DMXCO – Interactive User Interface Sound Design of the Digital Trade Fair Platform

Audio Consulting Group & DMEXCO – the global meeting point for the digital industry in the “new normal” . For DMEXCO @home 2020, we developed functional interaction sounds that enrich the massive functionalities within the outstanding digital platform and create a unique experience. From notification sounds to surprising call in sounds. To experience the DMXCO sound design please klick on the picture.


For UBS, we found another interesting point of contact as part of the Acoustic – Branding strategy to bring together haptic and acoustic stimuli. For this purpose, we developed a special key sound for the input on the numeric KeyPad for the ATMs in Switzerland. In addition to the greeting and audio guidance by the brand voice (Ex.1), the “audio-haptic” design created a warm and higher quality “synaesthetic” (brand) feeling when entering numbers. For more information please klick on the picture.

Dachser App/PenKey

Dachser drivers, like almost all delivery staff, use a device for electronic data capture. This device or the app emits a confirmation tone when the customer signs. Since this is a direct point of contact with the company’s performance and delivery has a positive connotation, we have a perfect situation here to subtly reinforce the brand through the ears and create a positive “user experience”. In order to listen, please klick on the picture.

MLP App/Game

The financial services provider MLP developed an app especially for younger target groups. This valuable point of contact was used in terms of brand technology in order to positively charge the brand via sound – especially in the case of positive gameplay. A study showed that the auditory user experience increased the positive evaluation of the brand with brand sounds fivefold. Here is the data on the application and the study. To view the study please klick on the picture.

EDEKA App and signal sound

Together with our subsidiary ReAct, we have developed a communication solution (apps) for the retail sector. The signals for the apps were designed in such a way that the different levels of urgency are quickly perceived. In addition, we have designed a corresponding signal to announce necessary announcements on the floor. Along with this, the recurring (brand) voice for all announcements is another valuable anchor point of the auditory brand communication. In order to listen, please klick on the picture.

Schindler – Voice of Elevators

Since 2015, we have been working for the global voice profile of Schindler Elevators. With our “Brand Voice Profiler” the voice parameters for the Schindler voice were cleanly defined. After global voice castings, these car announcements were and are implemented in Schindler elevator cars worldwide. And this is the case for all interaction moments as well as infotainment and safety announcements. A tangible added value through a consistent, unique and brand-specific “Voice Of Schindler” in the elevators of our cities of the future. To watch the results, please klick on the picture.

Ringtone sets – Dräger, Turck, MLP, Baloise

For many customers we have developed ringtone sets in different variations. Such ringtones from the corporate environment are very popular and create subtle brand contacts. To give users a choice, different versions are offered. We provide the ringtones in all common formats for IOS and Android platforms for easy integration into the respective smart phones. Please click on the image to listen.


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