With more than 5,000 installed machines, Fette Compacting is the global market leader for tablet presses in the pharmaceutical industry. And in the area of capsule filling, too, Fette Compacting sets maximum standards in efficiency – with an output volume of up to 400,000 capsules per hour. Fette Compacting is based in Schwarzenbek near Hamburg. The company operates a second production facility in Nanjing, China. Fette Compacting is a member of Excellence United – an alliance of leading family companies in special machine engineering for the pharmaceutical industry.


Together with the department “Corporate Marketing & Communication” and a cross-section of persons from the whole company we have, in an intensive process, created a strong acoustic brand which emotionally charges Fette Compacting and makes it an experience. The acoustic core of the brand stands for the values of partnership, sustainability and courage. It symbolizes the brand’s promise of highest efficiency. The acoustic brand theme forms the basis for all the future multisensory measures of the brand communication. Furthermore we have established an internaitonal brand anchor by creating a consise, female spoken brand claim.

Acoustic Branding Universe

Together with Fette Compacting we have created a concise acoustic brand for digital communication, ranging from the brand theme and brand track to the audio logo and brand claim. But what makes good brands develop into strong and successful brands? The experiences connected to them. That’s why we have been able to create soundscapes and climax music for symposia, trade fairs and events, which makes the expierence flexible and unique.
It’s about a uniform approach on how to create, develop and ultimately lead a brand. Here it consistently comes to mind that also the aspect of acoustic identity should not be lost out of sight. Humans experience with all senses and that’s why it’s all about the correct interplay.

Volker Reinsch

Director Corporate Marketing & Communication
Fette Compacting GmbH

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