The HARTING Technology Group is a leading global supplier of industrial connectivity technology for the three lifelines Data, Signal and Power and thus PUSHING PERFORMANCE in the age of digitization and industry 4.0.


We completed the brand identity by creating an acoustic brand design for various audio visual media touch points. At the worlds leading trade fair for industrial technology we implemented an immersive multi sensory acoustic experience for three years in a row.


We developed an acoustic brand strategy including a brand theme and audio logo. The unique Audio Logo is an acoustic deep dive in to HARTING`s history: The vivid and familiar melody is accompanied by the sound of the HARTING core product, the HAN® Connector. This does not only sound melodically great, furthermore it has a distinct snap sound when closing the bricks. This acts as a memorable acoustic mnemonic.

For the point of experience we also developed an immersive acoustic experience at the worlds leading trade fair for industrial technology for 3 years in a row now. We orchestrated the core branches of HARTING wind energy, transportation, industry 4.0, machinery & robotics and energy with immersive soundscapes that combine key stimuli and the acoustic brand identity.

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