Danfoss engineers technologoies that empower the world of tomorrow to build a better future. In 100+ countries, with more than 26.000 people involved, Danfoss is engineering tomorrow.


Together with the global Branding Team we analysed the brand in a multi layered strategic and psychological positioning process to establih the acoustic brand core, which reflects Danfoss personality and vision of Engineering Tomorrow and constitutes the vital base for all future multisensory brand communication measures. Since Voice is a significant value driver, we established the Danfoss Voice for global market communication as a coherent bridge for consistency in branding.


We developed the acoustic brand identity of Danfoss in our systematic process in order to make „Engineering Tomorrow“ come to life over all markets and touchpoints. Besides the strong core element, the brand theme, and the Danfoss Audio Logo we developed a corporate voice profile, guidelines and a versatile branded music pool for global and frequent implementation usage. We’re looking forward to the ongoing partnership and many more effective acoustic brand design elements in order to achieve the full Danfoss and Engineering Tomorrow Experience.

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