Before we create, we define

1. Listen

In the first phase we listen to what the brand has to say and try to get to know it. Using a brand audit, brand analysis and research, we develop the fitting strategy together with the brand’s executives and set the frame for the brand’s acoustic identity.

2. Inspire

The creative development of all the acoustic elements is being focussed here. We develop innovative communication concepts with sound for different touchpoints and create an acoustic galaxy specifically designed for the individual brand. During this phase the definition and creation takes place, on which the acoustic design and the acoustic galaxy are based.

3. Orchestrate

Only the implementation of all the elements into their specific communication channels will lead to a successful acoustic brand management. In doing so, the guidance and supervision of all the measures taken for the implementation are being focussed through coachings, informal events and guidelines. The last step additionally includes the brand management, the stakeholder buy-in and the maintenance of a consistent acoustic identity.

What we do


  • Strategic acoustic brand management
  • Development and realization of acoustic brand elements
  • Development of Multiple-Channel-Strategies: Concepts for 1-to-1 marketing, point of sale, internet, mobile solutions, merchandising, product design or advertisement
  • Specialized market research for measuring the effect of music, sounds and voices on brand perception and recall
  • Creation of strategies for intellectual property: trademark protection, drafting contracts with collecting societies, title research and license negotiation
  • Musicsponsoring, artist collaborations and product-placement
  • Development of brand-voice-strategies

Music & sound


Depending on the communication requirement, there are many application possibilities: be it classic advertising, telephone queues, image and product films, website, webcast, events, trade fairs, conferences or ringtones. We will be happy to advise you and act at the relevant brand contact points for you.


  • Brand theme
  • Audio Logo
  • Sonic worlds
  • Product sounds
  • Earcons
  • Brand Voice
  • Corporate Song
  • UX / UI Sound-Design


  • Implementation in all communication channels
  • Enabling workshops
  • Development of guidelines
  • Development of a Sound Database
  • Optimization of existing acoustic brand identities
  • Further development and monitoring
  • Market research

Voice expertise

From visibility to audibility:

The fit between brand and voice is essential. Therefore, we create a voice profile for global implementation flexibility while respecting secure brand coherence and continuity. Thus, trust is built up and nurtured acoustically with the help of sound and voice through overarching recognition.

The landscape of audible contact points has rapidly developed into primary media and offers brands more than ever to develop effective moments and formats. Check your acoustic contact points to stakeholders and ask yourself the question: Is my brand harmoniously tangible when no visual support can influence perception?

Ensuring a globally consistent brand experience requires implementation discipline from brand managers. Thanks to our many years of expertise in the field of voice implementation, we are able to ensure a global implementation, for example in service telephony environments or products, smart devices and of course campaigns and brand communication.

We analyze your voice communication and develop your
voice profile based on psychological patterns.

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