The Swiss bank UBS  is one of the world’s largest wealth management banks with main office in Zurich. From the beginning in 2005 the branding team at UBS pursued an integral approach and planned an international usage.


Sound has a great significance for UBS and is valued equally to the visual design. In a very structured and continuing process, we deliberately developed a holistic acoustic brand identity.


  • Worldwide qualitative market research about the emotional and associative brand aspects
  • Worldwide competitive review and benchmark analysis
  • Development of an acoustic branding strategy and the acoustic brand design
  • Development and execution of a brand voice profile in 30 languages
  • Development of an intellectual property strategy
  • Development of a multiple channel strategy for all internal and external communication points
  • Drawing up of an acoustic design manual
  • Development and support of a music database: more than 300 pieces of sound and music, serving different touch points, intelligent search and recommendation
  • Support of the worldwide implementation
  • Stakeholder training and management buy-in
  • Continued acoustic brand management
The acoustic brand identity of UBS is used since 2005 and became an integral part of their worldwide external and internal brand communication. The bold statement (wherever UBS is heard it sounds like UBS) and the global orientation made this project a blue print for a consistent and stringent acoustic branding strategy. The acoustic brand design has won the first ever international Audio Branding Award in New York in 2011.

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