UBS UX & UI Design

Computer Start-up & Shut-down

Both at internal meetings and external presentations, the branding remains present.


Various sounds for the UBS Banking APP within the UBS sound design/acoustic branding strategy. Here, too, the psychology of hearing was taken as a basis and the sounds within the brand tonality were designed to reinforce positive messages and not to anchor negative messages in the brand world.


Example: Click sound

To underline the value of the brand and to strengthen the brand at this P.o.S. of UBS, we developed a click sound for the input field. When the key is pressed, a “wooden” sound is heard, which subtly underlines the valence

Example: ATM End of Session Statement

After successful use of the terminal, an announcement with the audio logo sounds for the customer and subtly generates a positive brand contact. In the case of unsuccessful use, the audio logo does not sound in order to dampen negative associations with the brand.



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