In order to correctly assess the potential of music or voice in market research, special study designs are required. Therefore, in cooperation with market research companies, universities and research institutions*, we have developed questionnaires that provide reliable results on the psychological impact mechanisms of sound and music. Subjective evaluations are thus objectified. These survey tools can be used both online and offline.

MLP – In Game Research – Brand Sound & Gamification

In cooperation with the University of Groningen, we conducted a study for MLP that examined the influence of music in online games. It was clearly established that branded music significantly increases brand perception and brand recall. Please click on the image for the study design and results.


After the redesign of the music programmes at EDEKA, the influence of the measures on sales was investigated. For this purpose, an A/B test with before measurement and main measurement was carried out. Of particular interest was the effect on the wine and sparkling wine segment. Here, a different soundscape was used than on the rest of the space. You can find the test design and the results by clicking on the image on the right.

TELEKOM – Sonification/Telefon Sounds

The company commissioned us with a worldwide study (field research) on the acoustic ux/ui design (sonification) of mobile devices. The acoustic signals of all providers and all devices were examined and evaluated for the psychological effect parameters. Our recommendations were incorporated into the ux/ui design of new products and services. If you would like to know more, please contact us.

Wella – Artist Campaign Testing – Brand Fit

For a new campaign, we were asked to test to what extent the planned music of a well-known artist had a brand fit and how an unknown alternative track would perform. Using our special “Brand Artist Profiler”, we compared the brand values of Wella or the advertised product with the values of the artist and the selected track and were able to predict exactly how the music used would work for the brand and the campaign.

UBS – International fit of the brand theme

Worldwide qualitative market research in cooperation with Harris Research/NY to capture the emotional and associative space of the brand, as well as competitive review and benchmark analysis. In cooperation with Prof. J. Tauchnitz (University of Cottbus), with the aim of uniting the optimal impact parameters in the brand sound. To experience the acoustic identity of UBS, please click on the image.

Müller Milch – Brandsound at the P.O.S

In cooperation with the University of Applied Science in Oldenburg, we conducted a point of sale study. A short instrumental version of the newly arranged brand theme was embedded in the running music programme. Compared to the days when the brand theme was not played, sales increases of Müller products of up to 100 % were measured.

Harting – SPS IPC Drives Nürnberg – Impact study

The study focuses on the design of a sound surface with a masking and decelerating effect, as well as the resulting influence on trade fair or stand visitors. In order to reduce acoustic stress and optimise the conversational atmosphere, a psychologically effective sound surface was to be developed within the scope of this study and tested for its effectiveness. For the study design and results, please click on the image to the right.

Tchibo – Market research on claim effectiveness and brand awareness

The initial results of the internal market research conducted by S+F and Tchibo already showed the power that an audible brand can develop. For example, after the introduction of the audio logo, awareness of the non-food business and the associated claim (Every week a new world) grew from 14% to over 40% – in a period of 8 months. In the following years, the claim awareness – through consistent use in brand communication – rose to over 70%.

TRAVEL AGENCY – Sales areas

In an installation for a large German travel agency chain, we investigated the effectiveness of an adapted sound design for consultation areas (in cooperation with Prof. Monika Imschloss University of Cologne). The positive impression of the quality of consultation and the visual impression of the consultation areas increased among the customers. Last but not least, significant improvements were also achieved in terms of recommendation and willingness to conclude a contract.

MUMM – Research Audio Logo at the Point of Sale

A test was carried out by collecting cash register data to clarify how the use of brand music at the point of sale influences the sales of Mumm. Astonishing effects were revealed. In addition to the clear sales results, it was also shown that there are learned acoustic patterns for sparkling wine – or for the segment. Thus, we were able to positively influence the entire segment. For information and graphics please click on the case on the left.

Petrol station shops – sales areas

The sales areas of different petrol station shops were acoustically optimised and equipped with special sound installations. In cooperation with the University of Cologne, qualitative market research was conducted with interviews directly on the sales floors. Among other things, the cash register receipts were compared (with and without sound installations). Interesting increases were found. To see the study design and the results, please click on the picture.

* Our partners from research and education; Citek Bielefeld, University of applied science Oldenburg, University of Osnabrück, University of Nuremberg, University of Oxford. University of Cologne, TU Berlin


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