UBS Research

The process of our collaboration with UBS began with extensive desk research.
In order to validate the resulting evaluation of the brand tonality internationally, we conducted a worldwide qualitative market research in cooperation with the Harris Research Institute in New York to validate whether the emotional schemata associated with the UBS brand are reflected in the sound. For this purpose, our research manager Pof. Jürgen Tauchnitz was (among others) in Hong Kong, Tokyo, New York and London to conduct interviews with clients.

The result:

The interviews with the target groups clearly confirmed the musical/sound positioning of UBS (the brand tonality). The musical framework was identified by the test persons as matching the brand for all values asked about in the interviews. The examples shown had high correspondences with the expectations of the brand and the communication on the core parameters. The brand voices that we had defined for UBS worldwide also matched the brand essence. The results of the study ensured that UBS was one of the first companies to use and expand its acoustic brand worldwide at all feasible touchpoints. Among other things, the Audio Branding Award was presented in New York (more on this in the sections UX Design, Live Communication and in the overall case).

The following tools were used at UBS:

ATI -Acoustic Transfer Interface

In cooperation with the University of Cottbus, we developed a model that can visualise the emotional positioning of a brand. It is based on the EAP Model, which was originally developed by the scientist Charles Egerton Osgood and is now considered a standard in psychological research.

BPM – Brand Performance Monitor

The Brand Performance Monitor shows the effect and performance of sound and music on different levels for brand work.

BVP – Brand Voice Profiler

A tool that provides clear parameters for the selection of a brand voice, by means of which the optimal voice can be defined.

Semantic Differential

The emotional schemata of a brand can be directly compared to the emotional parameters of sound and music. The tool makes it possible to objectify subjective evaluations. Especially in the field of sound and music, this is an important building block to evaluate an optimal brand music or voice and to keep it out of a discussion of taste.



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