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Music and sound bring people together and move them. Through our close cooperation with research and education*, we have been able to clearly define which effects bring the greatest benefit on the surface. This includes not only trade fairs and corporate events, but also retail spaces, foyer areas and virtual rooms.

EDEKA/ReAct – Sales areas

Format music on sales floors distracts customers due to stylistic and content differences to light, product and store design. For ReAct we have developed, using current scientific knowledge, a sound design for retail spaces: “Hight Trust Soundscapes” Dwell time in stores increases by up to 25%, with sales increases of up to 20% achieved. Among others, this solution is used at EDEKA and at LIDL. This film, for which we did both the motion graphics and the sound design, shows you how and why:

Continental 150 Jahre – Employer Activation – Online Event

On 8 October 2021, our hearts also beat faster. Because we were celebrating a milestone: Continental’s 150th anniversary. From sung and played contributions of employees from all over the world, we arranged a new interpretation of “Happy Birthday” and brought it together in a video. A challenge in times of Corona. The result was an international choir including country-specific interpretations, all united in a video, which we also produced completely. All communication for the event was handled by our colleagues from KETCHUM in Munich. Thanks to all participants and to our partners at Conti for their great contributions, which made this #HEARTBEAT moment possible.

AUTODESK – Campus Messe

Autodesk is a US company that produces visualisation software such as CAT 3. As part of a comprehensive acoustic branding project, we not only developed the sophisticated audio logo, but also equipped the campus of Autodesk University in San Francisco with soundscapes and stage programme elements. All elements were adapted to the respective requirements on the basis of the brand theme. (Case and examples here)

UBS – Counter hall

What do customers expect in the branch or ATM hall? Above all, discretion and security. Therefore, we have developed special sound surfaces that very quietly and subtly mask conversations in the banking hall and always pay attention to the brand. Outside business hours, the doors to the ATMs were equipped with a UBS-specific opening signal to increase the sense of security among customers. Contact us for more information.

VOITH – 150 years company anniversary

Based on the acoustic brand theme, we developed the brand song “Hello Tomorrow” to match the anniversary motto. As part of the anniversary dramaturgy, this became a global connecting element for almost all employees on all continents. Employees were allowed to interpret the song, sing it, whistle it or perform it in a dance choreography. From countless entries, the best were invited to the ceremony at the headquarters in Heidenheim. The event agency-RECCON created a great ceremony and had the song interpreted by a live band and an orchestra at the ceremony. The refrain of the song was also used as a recurring audio logo in the accompanying communication. The event and anniversary communications were awarded a total of seven Stevies, including the Gold Stevie Award for best corporate image event.

Planetarium Hamburg

In addition to the star podcast that we have been running for over 20 years in cooperation with the Hamburg Planetarium and the Hamburger Abendblatt, the planetarium itself is a place of experience. The Audio Consulting Group developed a permanent 360-degree sound production in the spectacular water tower, which accompanies visitors with immersive sound moments in the foyer before they enter the domed hall.

Titanic The Exhibition – first stop of the exhibition in Hamburg Freeport

In the 90s Robert Ballard found the wreck of the Titanic. Many pieces from the ship were shown in Hamburg and later also, among others, in Sydney in 2017 and currently in London in 2022. The Sound Scenography was developed by us in close cooperation with the exhibition makers – not only in terms of content but also technically. The sound experience started already during the ascent to the exhibition, as the atmosphere of the Hamburg harbor changed into the harbor scenery of the time of 1910. In addition to the sound design of the rooms and for individual exhibits, the original statements of the survivors could also be experienced. An accompanying campaign with CD release, which was also developed and supervised by us, ensured high media attention. Immerse yourself in the world of sound.

Harting – Hannover MESSE – Tunnel of sound

Presentation on individual divisions and products of the Harting company. Content and technical implementation. We staged an approximately 30-meter-long passage tunnel, in which the individual divisions and products of the Harting company were presented, with subtle sound surfaces and special sound designs tailored to the key sonic stimuli of the individual divisions and products. In doing so, we created a decoupling of the trade fair noise level and an emotionally experienceable atmosphere of the world of Harting. Here it goes into the tunnel …

Schirn Art hall Frankfurt (Museum Sound Design)

Content and technical implementation of the exhibition “Art – A Child’s Play” in close cooperation with Max Hollein. In the process, individual objects were sounded with pinpoint accuracy using special loudspeakers, creating a multi-sensory experience for visitors.


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