Voice marketing and language assistants on the advance

15. Oct 20190 comments

All you need to know about voice marketing for your work

In the future one won’t be able to imagin a world without language assistants. Wether they are used in fridges, lightbulbs, television or in the typical smart speakers – they will be installed everywhere or already are. That’s why they will be one of the most important touchpoints of brands and consumers.

The widespread use of language asisstants increases rapidly since the announcement of Apple’s “Siri” in the year 2011.
In 2018 already 100 million smart speakers were installed worldwide and in the year 2020 there will be way over 225 million of them, says “Canalys”.

The german digital industry association says, that smart speakers will be the fastest spreading technology in human history.

In 2018 more than 8.6 million people used smart speakers in Germany and in 2020 it will be over 13 million people, says “E-Marketer”.
If you take a look at language assistants independantly from smart speakers, already 1/3 of the german population uses them and even half the people under the age of 40 do so as well. This is a result of the digital study lead by “Postbank” in the year 2019.

But: how do you integrate your brand acousticly in the world of language assistants and the internet of things.
The most relevant aspect of that is the implementation of an unique and outstanding brand voice. What makes this point of contact so interesting is, that there are no visual possibilities of showing off your brand. That’s why acoustic brand signals and identities gain a completely new relevance and weight.


Some more nice things: Music for the new Baloise Asset Management campaign

The asset management department of the “Baloise” group just launched it’s new online campaign titled “Asset management is our form of art”. With the video being developed by the agency “Inhalt & Form” based in Zurich, we could use our musical skills to support this artisitc, modern and fresh imagery with emotional brand music. This digital campaign is visible and audible on all target-oriented online platforms as video, native-ad and display-ad as well as on the digital screens in the “SWISS Lounge” at the Zurich-Airport. Next to the great visuals of swedish artist Andreas Wannerstedt we have been able to musically place the asset management department of the Baloise group into the coherent context of the Baloise group’s acoustic branding.