Growing use of podcasts

Nov 16, 20170 comments

Growing use of podcasts

There is a growing trend of using podcasts for Native Advertising and Content Marketing. Brands from B2B and B2C are using this pull- medium to foster brand contacts with „knowledge to go“ as a way of contemporary brand communication.
A recent survey with 3000 participants from Germanys leading TV stations ARD/ZDF has shown that 13% are listening frequently to podcasts (+2% to 2016). Among the age group of 14-29 the number of frequent podcast listeners goes up to 26,5 %. And 90% of podcast users are hearing it through to the end.

see the info graphic here

More than 10 years ago the audio consulting group developed a monthly podcast series for the Hamburg Planetarium, in which the actual star constellations over Hamburg/Germany is explained. This podcast has a pretty constant fan group of about 8000 per month which made him one of the most successful ones in Germany.

Stars over Germany


Music and HR Communication

Music is a fantastic tool to connect people. If done right, you can activate your employees and become more attractive to talents. For machine manufacturer VOITH we have developed a song in line with their brand. We focussed on developing a „real” song that has the potential to be adapted by the employers singing it, performing it, re-arranging it or simply dance and have fun with it. Here is the result with employees doing it all over the world.


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