Audio Consulting Group wishes you Happy Easter (or passover)

Mar 28, 20180 comments


Alexa and Co – Focus on the ears 

Smart Home Speakers are on the rise. Every fifth American has one, in Germany one out of twenty owns one. That makes our ears an even more pivotal channel for brand development. To create sustainable brands, an acoustic branding strategy is more essential than ever.

Alexander Ewig, the marketing director of Germanys biggest consumer electronics chain Media Markt Saturn in an Interview with the magazine “Horizont” states: “For a long time moving images were the trend, but now we realize, that audio is gaining relevance, driven by the growing popularity of voice assistants.“ He is convinced, that it is important for brands to be prepared for the auditive change in branding and defining brand voices and sound logos.

We are all ears …


Podcasts for a better future

Podcasts are a wonderful example of sustainable audio marketing concepts. According to research by “The Infinite Dial“ 2000 people were asked about podcasts. Here are the interesting results:

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Monthly listeners grew by 100% when compared to a research in September 2017. Clearly, the podcast medium is exploding as consumers are adopting this medium.


Work with Sound, sleep better through sound.

Scientists have found in actual research, that background ambiences such as a coffee shop can enhance creativity and concentration. Music and sound are also used in therapy to help with stress management, anxiety and sleeping problems. „Sonic Tonic“ is a new App, that allows you to create diverse acoustic environments. Users (among them therapists), found they felt better after using the sonic tonics for 10-20 min.

We invite you to an exclusive free trial of Sonic Tonic – you can choose 2 different ambiances. Try for yourself! We find it a highly effective form of acoustic life enhancement.

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Thats it!

SonicTonic is a science-based health-management program that uses Receptive Sound Therapy to make fast and effective interventions to reduce stress, improve sleep, boost concentration and increase learning capabilities. It also addresses a number of other issues such as anxiety, worry, and phobias. SonicTonic effects the listeners state of consciousness by administering a finely-balanced combination of established auditory therapeutic methods, such as neural-entrainment, Bilateral Brain Hemisphere Stimulation, autosuggestion, imagination, autogenic training, music, the spoken word, breathing exercises and more.


Audio Consulting Group wishes you Happy Easter (or passover)