Our Services

Brand Strategy
  • strategic acoustic branding
  • developing and realisation of acoustic brand identity
  • developing multiple-channel-strategies: concepts for 1-to-1 marketing, poinf of sale, internet, mobile solutions, merchandising, product design or advertising
  • specialised market research for measuring the effects of music, sounds and voices on brand perception and recall
  • developing strategies for intellectual property: trademarks, contracts with collecting societies, title research and licence negotiations
  • music sponsoring, artist cooperations and product placement
Brand Design
  • brand theme
  • audio Logo
  • soundscapes
  • product sounds
  • earcons
  • brand voice
  • corporate song
Brand Management
  • implementation across all communication channels
  • enabling workshops
  • developing guidelines
  • developing sound databases
  • optimisation of existing acoustic brand identities
  • enhancements and monitoring
  • market research and desk research

Acoustic Branding Process

1. Listen

During the first phase we listen to what the brand and its customers have to say. Using input from brand management and our specialized tools for assessment, analysis and market research, we develop the right strategy and set the framework for the acoustic identity.

2. Inspire

The focus of this phase revolves around creative development of the acoustic elements. We develop innovative communication approaches with music and sound for the various touch-points and design a brand-specific acoustic galaxy.

3. Orchestrate

The consistent implementation of the acoustic elements in all relevant media leads to a successful acoustic identity. We ensure the internal buy-in of stakeholders by staging information events and training sessions. Design guidelines provide direction for daily work.

• Brand audit

• Brand analysis

• Research

• Strategic results

• Definition

• Creation

• Acoustic Design

• Acoustic Galaxy

• Specifications

• Stakeholder Buy-in

• Implementation

• Consistent acoustic identity

Proof of Concept

We consider sound branding a fundamental component of overall brand identity. In a world in which everything seems to revolve around “seeing and being seen”, the sonic presence of a brand takes on new pivotal importance.

Independent studies and metrics substantiate: A fitting sound branding influences the effectiveness and efficiency of brand communication in a positive and lasting way. As shown in the graph, a consistent integration of the acoustic identity into all brand communication is a strong driver for a significant growth in sales.

The audio consulting group offers support in all areas of the sound branding process – from effective strategies to convincing applications. Are you interested in our services? We look forward to getting to know you and your brand in person. Please feel free to contact us.

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