For decades, Coca Cola has been on the forefront of marketing communication. The red color and the design of the bottle became iconic – even the coat of Santa Clause had many different colors before he began to drink coke around 1930 and his coat became red.

Coca Cola has not only anchored the brand in our minds using color and imagery but they have been on the forefront of using our ears using sound and music. “Always Coca Cola”, “Coke is it” or “Holidays are coming” are well known brand messages served up through our ears to connect us deeply with this brand.

It is no surprise, that since 2006 Coca Cola is also using a sound logo (sonic logo – a short acoustic brand signal). During the actual Football World Cup in Brasil, we will hear a lot of Coca Cola, as they have managed to embed there 5 notes decently in to the World Cup hits “The World Is Ours“. and “Todo Mundo Aperta o Play“.

This clever tactic of implicit branding was also used during the World Cup 2010 when “Wavin’ Flag” became a major hit and was played the whole summer on all channels. Since then everybody has a positive connection with that 5 notes and also 2011 the Coke brand theme became a hit in the song “Can You Feel It”.

These implicit brand messages using sound along with color and imagery help to make Coca Cola the iconic brand it is today across all channels. We think this latest work is a very nice example of a long and successful effort to connect us with the brand.

Listen for yourself: