meridol ®


The Golden Pharmacy Basel (Goldene Apotheke Basel – GABA) provides high-grade dental products and owns the brands elmex®, aronal® and meridol®.


In 2003 we have been assigned to build an acoustic brand identity around their existing TV commercials for their premium brand meridol®. As they had the same visuals and the same media spendings over the course of the next year, we were able to measure the sole effect of acoustic branding.


The result was a 20% uplift of sales in comparison to the years before and against the market trend. Therefore, we have also been assigned to build acoustic brand identities for the other brands of GABA elmex and aronal.

“To further strengthen our brand meridol ®, we wanted to complement our previous visual approach by acoustic branding. [ … ] With the help of acoustic branding we were able to fortify our brand meridol ® permanently. In a stagnating market environment, we have increased our market share and our revenues.”
(Beat Sidler , CEO Gaba Germany GmbH)

meridol TV commercial

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