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Dachser is the fourth largest logistics company in Germany and worldwide one of the leading companies in this field .


In 2008 ,the company manages by its owners decided to complement the brand with an acoustic dimension to make the brand experienceable at all touch points.


In a multistage process, we have extracted the brand values ​​and the brand promise, defined the sound relevant values ​​and converted them into a brand issue. In addition to the standard touch points (audio-visual communication , telephone and events) we have considered to search for unusual touch points with a positive brand experience to emotionalise the brand. We found an application that can unfold its full effect to the customers. The scanner ( Penkey ) to sign the receipt of a shipment. Whenever a packet will be received, a certain sound design of the brand identity is to be heard at the signature on the Penkey and is thereby connected to the positive brand experience ( redeeming the brand promise ).

“Our decision to hire the audio consulting group to develope an acoustic brand identity, has opened up new horizons in communicating with customers and employees and generated a very positive response. We are pleased that we have expanded our brand with the acoustic field and thus could have emotionalised the brand Dachser.”
(Birgit Kastner-Simon, Marketing Director Dachser GmbH)

Dachser corporate video

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